Thursday, May 3, 2012

Messi soon become father

11 week fetus is Antonella Roccuzzo contain Messi.

Via twitter, girlfriend Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi, Antonella Roccuzzo indulgence happy news. Once rumored to be pregnant some time ago, Roccuzzo openly expressed his stomach condition.

"I think (now) I can say, we (Roccuzzo and Messi) are expecting a baby. Gynecologist is aged 11 weeks, almost 3 months, thanks to this question was correct or not," read a tweet Roccuzzo.

Pairs away from the news like Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk, known each other since childhood in the hometown of Messi, Rosario. Such as Messi, Roccuzzo also 24 years old. Since 2008, they officially dating.

Interestingly, the news became known that pregnant Roccuzzo Messi after the Barcelona Champions League semi-final failure lay in the hands of Chelsea. Well, congratulations Messi.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Antonella Roccuzzo, Lionel Messi Girlfriend seemingly pregnant ?

At the top of the competition parties Champions League and La Liga, Lionel Messi can be good news. Messi's girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo seemingly pregnant.

The world's preeminent footballer is currently a magazine interview continue time in Spain, he understood he wanted to be converted into a father. Moreover, with four years Antonella has been stepped on.

This news originally came from the telephone system in Argentina with the intention of comes from a close family tree Messi, continue weekend. This news was quickly apply to Spain.

Both Messi and his family tree thumbs down lone denies. Clearly, the 24-year-old Messi is already well prepared to be converted into a father. It is not likely vacant to celebrate it with stylishness to call the baby while the have fun el classico hostile to Real Madrid. We look forwards to it!

Antonella Roccuzzo Lionel Messi Girlfriend

Antonella Roccuzzo is a 22-year-old girl who comes from Argentina. He was born in Rosario, which is furthermore the source of Lionel Messi. Both are equally renowned since she was five.

According to his grandfather, Messi thumbs down longer having an matter with Antonella has loving in the earlier period time.

"Messi does not be inflicted with a boyfriend currently. They fight, "said Cuccitini told Sport.

"Messi is still very childish. I permanently ask him to take pleasure in life, applies well and be healthy, "she added, mimicking the advice to his grandson.

Messi link with Antonella far sufficient away from the gossip and media exposure. Even the two seemingly had intended to make married soon.

Messi, who is currently aged 24 years is long sufficient in a link with his childhood supporter, Antonella Rocuzzo. They both currently live in Castelldefels, Catalonia. Messi hopes to be inflicted with children of their link.

Antonella was not the initially pro the bomber's 23-year-old Barcelona. Previous Messi seemingly been having an matter with a woman like Macarena Lemos and Argentina Luciana Salazar sexy models.

Antonella Roccuzzo Biografia 

  • Name : Antonella Rocuzzo

  • Boys : Lionel Messi

  • Origin : Argentina, Rosario

  • Born : 1986

  • Jobs : gym teacher